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hi.  you've reached Justin Hulsey but he is not home right now.  if you'd be so kind as to leave a message and a way to get in touch it would be much appreciated..  if this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911.  if you insist on getting in touch with Justin then you may have a chance of reaching him at or by visiting

for now, enjoy the music..

thanks for calling.



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The LEaving

From the album Morning Bloom

Video by Lauren Frost


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Past Shows


4.3.16    Los Angeles, CA      Harlowe

3.20.16   Los Angeles, CA      Harlowe

2.21.16   Los Angeles, CA      Hotel Cafe


12.13.15  Los Angeles, CA      Harlowe

12.12.15  Los Angeles, CA      Hotel Cafe

12.8.15    Los Angeles, CA     Hotel Cafe

11.1.15    Los Angeles, CA      Harlowe

9.27.15    Los Angeles, CA     Harlowe

9.20.15    Los Angeles, CA     Harlowe

8.19.15    Los Angeles, CA     Hotel Cafe

7.27.15    Los Angeles, CA     Hotel Cafe

7.9.15      Los Angeles, CA     Hotel Cafe

5.15.15    Los Angeles, CA     Genghis Cohen

4.2.15      Denver, CO     Marquis Theater

1.2.15      Denver, CO     The Bakery


12.18.14   Denver, CO     Syntax Physic Opera

11.12.14   Littleton, CO     Toad Tavern

11.7.14     Erie, CO     Blackdog Coffee Shop

10.27.14   Denver, CO     Larimer Lounge (w/Run River North)

10.8.14     Littleton, CO     Toad Tavern (w/ Katey Laurel & Friends)

8.14.14     Denver, CO     Summit Music Hall- Moon Room

7.31.14     Denver, CO     Larimer Lounge (w/James Wallace)

6.29.14     Nijmegan, Netherlands     LRC

6.28.14     Diessen, Netherlands     LRC

6.27.14     Deventer, Netherlands     LRC

6.22.14     Hoorn, Netherlands     Radio 501/Paparazzi Festival

6.21.14     Amsterdam, Netherlands     KX Radio Show

6.19.14     De Meern, Netherlands     LRC

6.18.14     Etten Leur, Netherlands     Universe Radio Show

6.17.14     Rotterdam, Netherlands     Radio Rijnmond Show

6.15.14     Maastricht, Netherlands     't Magisch Theaterje

6.15.14     Limburg, Netherlands     L1 Radio Show

6.14.14     Tilburg, Netherlands     LRC

6.13.14     Steendam, Netherlands     6 Podium Cafe 'Peter n Leni'

6.12.14     Amsterdam, Netherlands     Amsterdam FM Radio Show

6.12.14     Hilversum, Netherlands     On Air Radio Show

6.10.14     Newcastle, United Kingdom     The Cumberland Arms

6.9.14      Horsley, United Kingdom     Lion & Lamb

5.31.14     Denver, CO     Larimer Lounge (w/The Belle Jar)

5.2.14      Boulder, CO     Shine

4.24.14     Denver, CO     The Walnut Room

3.19.14     Denver, CO     Larimer Lounge (w/Boy & Bear)

3.17.14     Denver, CO     Paris on the Platte

2.23.14     Denver, CO     Herman's Hideaway

2.14.14     Denver, CO     Summit Music Hall- Moon Room (w/The Northern Way)

2.13.14     Denver, CO     Lost Lake Lounge

2.6.14      Denver, CO     The Soiled Dove Underground (w/Andrew Ripp)


12.19.13     Denver, CO     Lost Lake Lounge

12.1.13      Hoorn, Netherlands     Lakeside Stories (Radio 501)

11.30.13     Tilburg, Netherlands     LRC

11.29.13     Rotterdam, Netherlands     Radio Rijnmond Show

11.28.13     Hoorn, Netherlands     Radio 501 "Donderslag" Radio Show

11.28.13     Tilburg, Netherlands     LRC

11.26.13     Oldenzaal, Netherlands     LRC

11.25.13     Maastricht, Netherlands     Cafe Con Leche

11.24.13     Tilburg, Netherlands     Volver Studios Live

11.23.13     Diessen, Netherlands     LRC

11.5.13       Kansas City, MO     Czar Bar



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